Want a good night’s sleep? Here’s how


We need peace and quiet in our homes for a variety of reasons. Some of us need it to study, others to record music, and yet others to write poetry in solitude. Everybody needs it to sleep well in the night.

A disturbed sleep ruins the following day – our moods are cranky, our concentration is compromised, and our productivity is low. Some of us even experience migraines. The worst part is that bad sleep tends to get habitual and triggers a vicious cycle.

To put an end to this, you need to determine what is keeping you up or disturbing your sleep in the night.

If it’s your relationship, career anxiety, or a general worry about life, we may not be able to help much. But if it’s external factors that are affecting your sleep, then they are easier to control than you’d think.

Here are some ways to help you tune out the noise and tune into sweet and sound sleep, night after night.

Ear plugs are life savers

Years ago when I was a student in London (UK), I had rented a room in a three-floor house that had at least 9 inhabitants in it at any given time. Many of them had the nasty habit of slamming the main door on their way out. I was a late sleeper, somehow nodding off only toward dawn, and it did not help to be rudely woken up by a callous flatmate like that. It was not just the main door they were in the habit of slamming, but also the bathroom doors, and the doors to their own roomsas well.

The only time I had had similar trouble dozing off was on the plane, where I would simply insert ear plugs into my ears and tune out at least some of the noise. So I tried the same technique here. After cursing the world endlessly for a few days, I bought a pack of ear plugs off some website. Soft, malleable little things that are to be inserted into your ears as you drop off to sleep.

I was expecting some relief but not quite what awaited me.

I slept like a baby, never once did I hear the slightest noise anywhere around me. It was amazing. The ear plugs also improved the quality of my sleep .They put me in such a deep slumber that only a few hours of sleep achieved the same refreshing effect that was earlier reserved for solid uninterrupted 8-hour nighters.

I fell into the habit of plugging my ears even when I sat down to study, or when I was on the bus where the person next to me simply wouldn’t stop chattering loudly on their phone, or in the department stores. You don’t go deaf, just that everything around you is considerably muted so that you carry your peace of mind with you.

If you live in a noisy neighborhood, or have people in your house whorise early or slam doors, and if that is what’s disturbing you, end it with ear plugs.

Sound-proof your room

The best way to keep the noise out of your room is to sound proof it.

This is not exactly a walk in the park, depending on if DIY is up your alley. You may have to get professionals to take a look at your room for it. The walls, the ceiling, the floor, they all can be sound-proofed in a variety of ways.

If you have particular individuals in your house who are the main cause of the noise, you may want to sound-proof their room instead. I, however, think it’s always better to control what you can, in this case your room, than expect others to develop good sense and implement it consistently.

Turn off the cellphone

I know many people who simply wouldn’t turn their mobile phones off during the night for the fear of missing some important life-or-death calls. The calls that never come.

A mobile phone is a ticking time bomb. If you have left it on and not muted it, it will go off at some point in the night (or early in the morning). There’s just no way for it not to. It’s best to either put it on a silent mode or switch it off.

If you are very much worried about somebody wanting to reach you for an emergency and not being able to, give them your landline number and ask them to call you only in case of emergency, and never otherwise. Works fine for me.

Limit your use of electronic gadgets post-dinner

Don’t mean to turn this into a science class but as someone who has suffered a lot of sleepless nights because of my laptop-addiction, I can tell you that your fancy computer or mobile device is the enemy of your sleep.

Here’s what they do. The radiation they emit keeps our eyes awake, and as a result our brains and our bodies, too. The human bodyis designed to wind down toward evenings, and persisting with things that won’t let it wind down triggers a fight-or-flight response in it. To cope with that our bodies release cortisol, a stress hormone, which further distresses our sleeping patterns.

So in short, learn to tear yourself away from the Internet and the email and the TV as the evening progresses. You’ll sleep that much better for it.

Beef up the security of your home

Worrying about the security of one’s family and property also keeps people up. Reasons may range from rough neighborhoods to sheer paranoia. If you keep jumping out of your bed at the slightest sound about the house in the night, chances are you hardly ever sleep well. At least not without feeling guilty about it.

This problem is easy to fix though. Have a look at some of the latest home security systems on the market such as home security cameras or outdoor cameras. They will record for you if there are any elements sneaking around your house that you should be wary of. Combined with home alarms they should make you rest easy.

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