Using Your Smartphone to Survielle Your Home While You’re Away

smartphone surveillance

smartphone surveillance

Thanks to modern technology, it is possible to monitor your home, even if you do not have a company-monitored home security system. To get this highly-desired peace of mind, all you need is a basic wireless camera, a Smartphone and Internet video camera software, also called surveillance camera-to-web software. You can even use a few wireless cameras to record different areas of your home all at the same time. With this technologically-advanced set-up, you will be able to monitor your home whenever you want by using any device that can access the Internet.

Benefits of Using a Smartphone Home Security System

There are a myriad of reasons you should consider using a Smartphone home security system. The most significant benefits of a Smartphone home security system are listed below.

  • Theft Protection If a burglary or other event occurs in your home, you can film evidence of the incident that can aid authorities in catching the criminals. In addition, the footage may accelerate the settlement of any insurance claims you file due to theft.
  • Peace of Mind - Being able to monitor your home while you are away gives you the peace of mind you just can’t accomplish otherwise. Peace of mind alone is enough to encourage some people to at least try this method of home security.
  • Keeping Tabs on Children or Pets - Whether you have teens or small children who spend time home alone, or a new puppy or kitten, a Smartphone app security system allows you to keep tabs on them with ease. Parents of teenagers can monitor when their teens get home from school, and parents of younger children can check to see how the babysitter and their children are getting along.
  • Less Expense - A company-monitored home security system can be extremely expensive to maintain, requiring long contracts, hefty start-up fees and expensive termination fees. When you handle your home security yourself, you aren’t paying monthly or quarterly fees to a company to do what you can do yourself. If you don’t already own a Smartphone or wireless camera, you will have an upfront expense, but your new Smartphone home security system will pay for itself in a short time.

How to Set Up Your Smartphone Security System

Setting up your Internet security system is quick and easy. Start with the hardware, your camera, and then move on to the software, your surveillance application. Just follow these four steps:

  • Hook Up the Camera – Hook up your surveillance camera to your PC by running a USB cable from the camera to a USB port on your computer, or by using a wireless USB camera adapter that can transmit the video feed to your computer.
  • Start with Surveillance Software – Do a web search for surveillance camera-to-web software. There are a variety of programs for both Windows and Mac operating systems that include an application to connect it to your Smartphone. Read and follow all the instructions to download and install the program.
  • Set Up the System – Configure your surveillance software by launching the application and then naming each camera. If you have multiple cameras, name each using simple names, such as “Living Room” and “Kitchen.” Click the Connect button and you will be up and running.
  • Make a Final Check – View your camera feeds to make sure they work and are positioned correctly. Log onto the website provided by your software service using any computer, smart phone or PDA connected to the Internet. It is important to note that even if you got the Internet camera software free, you still may need to purchase a subscription to access your camera online.

Providing home security is incredibly crucial to your family’s overall well-being. Taking your home’s security into your own hands means you do not have to rely on anyone else for home security. You can check your home and anyone in it, anytime you want. By routinely monitoring your home, you will quickly notice anything out of the ordinary. For instance, you can catch someone peeking in a window or trying to open an exterior door to alert you of a problem in your home. This type of security is important, especially if your home is broken into or vandalized, because it will catch potential evidence.

Christian Westerberg is a home security consultant with extensive experience. He enjoys passing on his knowledge and ideas through blogging on various sites. You can obtain homeowners insurance quotes from in your area.

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