Tips for Your Fire Extinguisher

fire extinguisher

fire extinguisher

Even though your home has installed a security system, a smoke detector or a fire alarm system, these are not helping when a big fire occurs. Therefore, it is important for every home to have at least one portable fire extinguisher in their home which is easily accessible. In my home, we have three, one in the kitchen, computer room, and garage. The reason for that is once you’ve been in a fire; you know that having just one isn’t good enough. You must have heard this very often: Fire extinguisher is very helpful to prevent from losing valuables because of fire.

There are a few types of fire extinguishers out there on the market with different indication and treatment. Buying a fire extinguisher is not enough; you have to learn how to use it. Here are some tips for using your fire extinguisher rightly.

Get to know the four categories of the fire extinguishers first. Class A which is for ordinary use such as paper, wood, and most plastics; Class B which is for flammable or combustible liquids like gasoline, kerosene, grease and oil; Class C which is for electrical equipment like with your appliances, outlets, circuit breakers; Class D which is for chemicals – this is typically found in chemistry labs. Then read the instruction book carefully. Check the classification of fire that the fire extinguisher can handle. Remember different fire extinguishers tackle different kinds of fire.

Second, keep the fire extinguisher in a reachable and accessible place. Put a big sign there so that people can see a fire extinguisher is kept there. Usually, the main mistake people do in keeping fire extinguisher is that they keep it very carefully so people rarely see it and forget it when the fire happens. Only use a fire extinguisher if the fire is considered small. Never try and fight a big fire with a fire extinguisher or a fire that appears to be spreading quickly. In fact, you should know what is even burning in order to recognize which type of fire extinguisher to use; otherwise you are putting yourself in danger.

Third, refill the fire extinguisherafter using it. You do not want get caught in fire with an empty fire extinguisher, do you? Fire extinguisher needs treatment also. So be sure to put it for a regular treatment. Keep a safe distance when fire happens. Do not stand too close when you try to aim the fire. It will be dangerous for you. If you have a lot of smoke building up, get out quickly because carbon monoxide is the most deadly gas that is produced by a fire.

Remember the above tips that can protect you safely from a fire, and also teach your other family members to use the fire extinguisher, only that makes your family suffer the least in the fire.

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