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Misfortune Cookie Article

There has been a new and dangerous cookie discovered that could potentially compromise your router as well as any other device that is connected to it (for example, mobile phones, laptops and computers, smart thermostats, network cameras, toasters, etc.).  There is a bug in the “RomPager” software found in many gateway devices that allows hackers Continue Reading

Protecting Your Wireless Router

Imagine a fortified city with walls so high that nothing gets in or out unless you want it to.  And now imagine, after ten years of impenetrability, that the entire city falls; not because the walls are toppled, but because the enemy simply walks in through the gate.  If this sounds familiar to you, well, Continue Reading

Friday Night Halloween Safety Tips

Friday Night Halloween Safety Tips

It’s an exciting time of year for people of all ages.  Children are eager to don their new costumes and amass their own personal candy fortune, teenagers and college students will be looking to meet up with friends for a fun night out, and some parents and homeowners will be waiting at home, anticipating trick-or-treaters Continue Reading

Security for grocery stores explained

  Grocery stores are a firm feature of our lives and a very important component of the retail sector, which is the life of our economy. They generate billions in revenues and employs millions of people. Research puts the US grocery market at $645 billion and the convenience store industry at $350 billion, with majority Continue Reading

Business security on a budget: Is it possible?

Big American businesses and government establishments have been spending generously on video surveillance and security systems for long. The sheer convenience, usefulness, and user-friendly nature of the CCTV technology have made it a hit and a go-to solution for all kinds of security concerns. It is a big business now, estimated to rise to $38 Continue Reading

Dealing with lifestyle challenges: 5 reasons meditation is your best friend

That our fast-paced lives are taking a toll on our health is not new information. Lifestyle diseases now kill more people than communicable ones. Obesity, diabetes, and chronic stress (among others) set our economy back by $153 billion a year. Depression alone costs US workplace $23 billion in absenteeism. What are Americans like you and me Continue Reading