Monitor Your Home over the Internet in a Few Easy Steps

monitoring over internet

monitoring over internet

Picture this: You are vacationing on a sunny isle after a hectic work week, and are all set to indulge in the complete rest and relaxation that you’ve been promised and pined for. Your favorite band plays on the radio, the paperback novel you’ve been dying to read in one hand, and a Pina colada in the other. This all takes place against the backdrop of a soothing blue sea, and yet, your thoughts keep drifting back home.

Questions keep nagging you as you try to relax, such as: “Have I locked all doors?” to “The back porch door has a loose handle…”, or “Did I unplug the Iron?” to “Did I switch on the main light to make it seem like someone’s home?” Then your brain switches to, “Is my brand new car is safe? Did I close the garage door properly? I was in such a rush when I left.”- You are trying to relax as that’s what your vacation is for, but these worries aren’t giving you have a moment’s peace.

Now with remote monitoring, you can put your mind at ease, and get rid of those nagging worries once and for all. With the advent of home security management systems, monitoring your home remotely has never been easier. Now you can keep an eye on your home through as many as five different 3g cameras, along with your set-up of a lighting schedule to make it seem like someone’s at home at the same time every day.

You can adjust your thermostat if there are temperature fluctuations, and check to see if all doors and windows are locked securely. What’s best, you can do this all from the comfort of your smartphone, tablet or PC.

The premise is simple. A system set-up connects security cameras, outdoor and indoor lights, thermostat controls and automatic door locks to a central communication system, and relays this information to your computer device over an internet connection. So in a nutshell, for a basic home surveillance set up, all you need are four different items:

1. Network cameras

2. Existing high speed internet connection

3. Existing Wi-Fi or Ethernet network

4. Smartphone, tablet, or notebook with a data plan

Steps for buying and setting up your new remote home surveillance

* Shop for a system that suits your needs. There is a wide variety of options to choose from. If there are budget constraints, you can start by purchasing just one camera which provides you with a fixed view of the area you’d like to monitor. In addition to the camera, make sure your starter kit includes installation software and a system controller. You can always expand this surveillance system later by adding extra cameras and sensors.

* Most professional companies provide you with a website to access your security system. Make sure you register with them.

* Install the software CD that came with the kit onto your PC. Your PC must have a working internet connection.

* Connect the system controller. A system controller works like a central processing unit, in other words, it is the brains of the operation. Simply plug it into a power source and connect with your home PC.

* Connect all the devices that were included in the kit, or that you purchased individually into the central system controller. That includes the 3g Ip camera, thermostats, lights and other appliances that you would like to control remotely. Please note, items purchased individually such as thermostats, lights and other appliances, need to be synced with the system controller via compatible sensors and smart plugs that relay commands and information to and from the system. Sensors and smart plugs can be purchased as part of a smart kit which also includes the appliance that needs to be regulated such as a thermostat. They can also be bought individually from large retailers such as Lowe’s or Circuit City.

* Make sure the cameras are positioned with an unobstructed view.

* Set up an internet live feed by using a set up wizard usually available on the company website.

* Test the resolution and quality by visiting the site where your video feed is hosted.

And voila…! You are all set to relax now and enjoy your vacation while your house is safe and secure.

Dan Muston is a professional locksmith with over ten years of industry experience. His genuine concern for the safety of you and your family fuels his passion for locksmithing and security systems installation. In addition to running his successful locksmith company that services Arizona, California, Florida and New York, Dan invests a lot of time and energy in his company’s popular social media presence and writing articles about locksmithing for web and blog sites. You can reach out to Dan Muston via email at

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