Misfortune Cookie Article

There has been a new and dangerous cookie discovered that could potentially compromise your router as well as any other device that is connected to it (for example, mobile phones, laptops and computers, smart thermostats, network cameras, toasters, etc.).  There is a bug in the “RomPager” software found in many gateway devices that allows hackers to send HTTP cookie files to corrupt and gain control of the router.  Once hacked, the attacker can read information sent to the device, as well as control different devices that are connected to it.  A comprehensive scan of Internet addresses found that approximately 200 different models may be susceptible.  However, the vulnerability is only found in RomPager versions 4.34 and earlier, and updating your router’s firmware could be the best way to protect yourself.


Please refer to this article for details as well as a list of affected router models.  We will also be posting a guide in the upcoming weeks to help you stay protected while you use the internet.

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