Expose a Spy with the Hidden Camera Detector

spy camera detector

spy camera detector

The entire world is built so that a person can always have a shelter, a place to call home, where everything else is not important because it seems like it doesn’t exist. But unfortunately, in the last decade, at home became a common place for anybody with a hidden camera or an audio bug. Even though this trend has been set by the Central Intelligent Agency (CIA) or James Bond, whomever you prefer, nowadays it is used to illegally spy on the celebrity stars. They are still used for official espionage, but we are more interested about the privacy of our terrorist-free houses.

The latest technologies made these tiny little devices which can barely be seen with the eyes, so it is kind of difficult for the everyday Jon Doe to detect if the house is on wire. But the technology also made the camera detector, an intelligent device able to keep the intruders away. We do not recommend you to ruin or break that expensive gadget CIA planted in your house, if that is the case, but if you find a hidden camera detector, it would be nice to have a one-way conversation with the spy.

Everybody must know they are protected against this type of violation of privacy, so if you find any hidden cameras, report the incident. It would be safer to check first if the entire operation is not a prank on behalf of one of your friends. If you have a camera detector, be sure to take it with you when you go on vacation or at someone’s house. Some cameras are hidden in the teddy bears to check on the nannies, but others have a malicious destination, and you need to make sure you are not watched when you go to sleep. You might also need a bug detector, if not for your privacy, at least so that no one can know your secrets.

There has been and still is a controversial opinion regarding the speed camera detectors. The politicians are against it and what to sanction the users with every occasion they’ve got. The policemen, however, believe it is a good thing. When a speed camera is located by the detector, then the drivers must reduce the speed. Otherwise, if the driver didn’t have the detector, then he would have kept on running with high-speed, getting a ticket of course, but other damages could have been done too. That’s why these speed camera detectors are good because they actually restrain the drivers from going wild on the streets.

The conclusion is easy: since everybody wants to know everything about anybody, minds would have to be read. But we do not have that power, therefore the only chance of keeping the privacy is to hide it, including from the hidden cameras and bugs, and to correct our driving conduct with a speed camera detector.

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