Ensuring High Indoor Security Using Technologically Empowered Devices



Whenever we hear a high pitched alarm nearby we deduce several possibilities mostly on assumptions. They are mainly initiated due to a case of fire or any act of theft. The former can be brought under control by using fire extinguishers but the later may bankrupt us to large extents and sometimes, if not insured, the losses can be impossible to recover.  Setting up a home security system in this modern era has gone viral. The increase in number of incidents related to thefts, burglaries etc have made the owner vigilant. He has in turn responded with effective and technologically enhanced equipments to secure the dwelling place considerably. Frequent travels and tours have also increased the vulnerability quotient as till the time the owner returns the house may already get burgled. So special emphasis must be put on the nature of devices which are to be used depending upon the requirements of the owner.

Basic Devices

There can be a variety of theft techniques followed by the professional burglars. So the choosing of the device becomes imperative. Technology has grown and so have our choices. Few products to enhance safety include:

  • Siren padlock- this is a touch sensitive device which on being disturbed to the slightest can make high pitched noises. This device is strong and durable other than being water proof. Aluminum is used for constructing these padlocks. They specialize in making siren like noise long durations and lasting effects.
  • Fake surveillance camera- this is an inexpensive method of securing the houses by giving the miscreants a notion of being watched. It comes with a flashing LED light which blinks or stays steady the whole day undergoing constant motion.
  • Key hiders- these are used to protect the keys and disguise their hiding place.
  • Driveway patrol allows the user to look into the house walks or driveway by detecting the encroachment of any miscreant in their dwelling zone. They are easy to setup and have in built motion sensors attached to their structure. As it has to be placed outside, it needs to be resistant to any kind of liquid splurging.
  • Door wedge mechanism is also an effective tool to reduce encroaching. This device has to be built inside the door mechanism and has a strong hold and interlocking system which prevents any forceful entry inside by sending out an alarm immediately.

Benefits of the system

A home security system can help defy any attack on the health or property of an individual quite effectively. It allows the owner to get informed about the dangers and allows him to take evasive actions.  It discards the option of any breach and instills a feeling of safety in the dwelling.  Excluding the outside threats, few inner dangers can also be evaded if proper home security arrangements are done. The catalytic gas detectors can prevent threats related to the cylinders by notifying the owner of any gas leakage. Many devices are available which can prevent fire from electric shots as well.


A home security device is a must for setting up a complete threat free structure allowing the inhabitants to stay with a feeling of security and peace inside. Technological advancements have paved the way for enhanced security measures.

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