Door Entry Systems – A Security Feature You Can’t Afford to Go Without

door entry system

Door entry systems are vital for the security of any business, particularly those in the public sector or that deal with sensitive material. There are a variety of door entry systems available, from fingerprint systems to proximity badge systems, to suit the needs of most companies.

 Proximity Card or Badge Systems

These utilise a card or badge with a magnetic strip that can be ‘read’. Passive cards are usually used for door entry systems and have a limited range so need to be held close to the reader unit for scanning. These systems usually record anyone attempting to gain unauthorised access with an invalid card and this can be particularly useful in the event of security breaches.

 Fingerprint Door Locks

Also known as biometric systems, fingerprint door locks utilise the latest technology to prevent access to secure areas. A built-in scanner scans your fingerprint, which allows access to restricted areas. Of course, it’s virtually impossible to bypass these locks with the wrong fingerprint, but some do have a keycode override for administrators. These locks are becoming increasingly popular, along with retinal scanning and voice identification entry systems, although their higher cost makes them inaccessible to organisations on a tight budget.

 Remote Key Fob Entry Systems

These systems are ideal for smaller offices, as they’re affordable and easy to install and use. Most simple systems just need to be affixed to the door and plugged in and connected via an easy to install wiring system. Fob systems that can be activated from further away are also an ideal solution for disabled members of staff.

As well as considering the type of system required, it’s also important to consider what other security features could be of benefit. Door security systems can include a function that allows all doors and barriers to be locked or opened instantly, which is useful in emergency situations. Some systems have special features that can print out a list of staff and visitors currently in the building; this could be handy in the event of fire roll call. It’s even possible to integrate door entry systems with CCTV and intruder alarms or your current HR system to assist in monitoring staff timekeeping and attendance. With alarm and real-time event monitoring, it is easy to keep track of events happening in your building, for example, a door being forced. Some systems automatically send emails or text alerts if this happens.

 It’s best to research online and find a supplier that can provide, install and maintain your door entry system for you. Most suppliers will usually be happy to advise you as to what system may best suit. Door entry security systems are a must-have for any business that takes their security seriously. Whether protecting valuable goods or documents, or simply put in place to help lone workers feel more secure when working anti-social shifts, there are systems available to suit all requirements and budgets.

Tom Clark is a former CCTV Operator who now works as a freelance writer. His experience in the security industry has seen him working with various types of door entry systems and he would recommend them to all businesses.

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