Basic Simple DIY Home Security Tips

DIY home security

DIY home security

Home security is one of the important issues concerning to our life and property safety, so no matter you live in a small apartment or a big mansion, your house deserved to be protected. Even though you do not have lots of expensive security gadgets lying around, you and your family as well as your property are vulnerable to thieves, burglars and other dangers. So it is time to make sure that your family, your property and all of your belongings remained secure, be your own security professional with these quick and easy DIY home security tips which can help you prevent a burglary in your home.

1. Make your home look like it is occupied at all times.  Actually, most burglaries happen during the day that is because people are not at home, they are at work. Therefore, if your house looks like occupied all the time, a thief will think twice about trying to invade your home. One simple thing you can do is put TVs, radios, and lights on automatic timers so that your home appears to be have someone at home when indeed it is not.

2. Lock you doors and windows all the time while you are away or even when you are home. This is one of the most obvious tips, but an unlocked door or window can leave your house more vulnerable than any other slip-up.

3. Get an alarm when it is needed. Any kind of alarm will work. Set it before you go to bed and whenever you leave the house. A wireless home security alarm system will be your new best friend, which will give you peace of mind by alerting you if someone (or something) comes within range of a window or door in your home.

4. Talk to your kids about home security. Never let them open the door for anyone they don’t know, and ask them to help you check the doors and windows each night. One simple tip is to install a peep hole in your door so that you can check who your door is there before open for anyone.

5. Don’t leave a spare key under the mat or in your mailbox. Everyone knows this trick by now, so a burglar will look in those places first if he or she wants to get in.

6. Get a dog, if you don’t have one. Dogs are great for home security: even if they aren’t aggressive, their presence can make burglars uneasy. If you are not in a position to get a dog, then consider getting a barking dog alarm. Just place this alarm near the front door let others think that you have a dog.

7. Install a home security camera system. If you want to see what’s going on around your home at all times, learn how to install a security system by yourself will be much more advisable.

DIY home security tips are various when you searching on the Net, and the basic and simple tips are listed above, read it and find out which you haven’t done until now for your house protection.

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