Misfortune Cookie Article

There has been a new and dangerous cookie discovered that could potentially compromise your router as well as any other device that is connected to it (for example, mobile phones, laptops and computers, smart thermostats, network cameras, toasters, etc.).  There is a bug in the “RomPager” software found in many gateway devices that allows hackers Continue Reading

Protecting Your Wireless Router

Imagine a fortified city with walls so high that nothing gets in or out unless you want it to.  And now imagine, after ten years of impenetrability, that the entire city falls; not because the walls are toppled, but because the enemy simply walks in through the gate.  If this sounds familiar to you, well, Continue Reading

Making Sure Your System is Secure

Making Sure Your System is Secure

Surveillance systems can offer unparalleled levels of security and peace-of-mind.  Many people, however, still have some reservations about inviting a third eye into their homes–and we don’t blame them.  Network surveillance systems (NVR systems, IP Network Cameras, etc.) are the new standard, holding many advantages over analog systems (such as flexibility, video quality, simple installation, Continue Reading

Friday Night Halloween Safety Tips

Friday Night Halloween Safety Tips

It’s an exciting time of year for people of all ages.  Children are eager to don their new costumes and amass their own personal candy fortune, teenagers and college students will be looking to meet up with friends for a fun night out, and some parents and homeowners will be waiting at home, anticipating trick-or-treaters Continue Reading

HD sPOE Security Camera System

Our systems have been choosen by the Pittsburgh Police”Virtual Block Watch” Program

As a leader in the security industry, our primary concern is not selling product, but it’s the safety and security of our customers.  As a result, we could not be more thrilled to see our products on the news, providing security and protection to a community that needs it the most.  The Pittsburgh police is Continue Reading


13 Years Still Standing #neverforget

Today marks the anniversary of one of the most significant days in American history.  It’s almost easy to forget that prior to this day, America had once stood alone as the premiere nation.  Whether or not you agree that it was the “best” place to live, there was no doubt that it was the most Continue Reading

5 Million Gmail Accounts Leaked

If you have a Google account (Gmail, Google Plus, etc.) then you should be aware that nearly 5 million Gmail addresses and passwords have been revealed on a Russian Bitcoin forum Wednesday, September 10th.  It isn’t certain whether there has been a security breach in the Google servers, or if this list comes from information Continue Reading

Security for grocery stores explained

  Grocery stores are a firm feature of our lives and a very important component of the retail sector, which is the life of our economy. They generate billions in revenues and employs millions of people. Research puts the US grocery market at $645 billion and the convenience store industry at $350 billion, with majority Continue Reading

How to make your retail store more secure

  The retail sector is the heart of America’s consumer-oriented economy. Its vastness and diversity is a matter of pride for us and its fortunes mirror the rise and fall of our country’s. Shopping also happens to be our national pastime. As per one study, we spend 45 minutes a day on average doing some Continue Reading

A Security Guide for Your Restaurant Business

Posh restaurants, fast-food chains, and quaint, picturesque cafes. We can’t imagine our lives without them. They are a constant feature in our routines and the scene of many a family, romantic, and friendly meetings. From anniversaries to dates to just a fun night out, eateries are our go-to places. Little surprise then that they are Continue Reading

Business security on a budget: Is it possible?

Big American businesses and government establishments have been spending generously on video surveillance and security systems for long. The sheer convenience, usefulness, and user-friendly nature of the CCTV technology have made it a hit and a go-to solution for all kinds of security concerns. It is a big business now, estimated to rise to $38 Continue Reading

The Definitive Guide to Security Cameras

“May you live in interesting times.” –believed to be an ancient Chinese curse We already do live in interesting times. In fact, they are so interesting that our governments want to know everything there is about us. We are apparently under siege. The word ‘terrorist’ has disturbingly become a part of our day to day Continue Reading

The Ultimate Guide to Home Security Systems

A home security system is any system that allows you to secure your home against burglaries, vandalism, break-ins, general crime, or even accidents within your home. They trigger an alarm in the event of a break-in or an accident and allow you to take steps to limit the damage. These systems come in an impressive Continue Reading